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Reconditioners of all major engines, gearboxes, and axles

Differentials supplied are fully reconditioned or rebuilt on a cost of repair basis depending on customer requirements.

The procedure is as follows:

The diff is completely dismantled, cleaned then reassembled using new bearings and seals. The bearings are preloaded and brought back to original factory settings. The mesh of the crown wheel and pinion are checked and adjusted accordingly.

R&B Engineering carry a stock of reconditioned diffs to suit most
PSV and HGV applications.

These include:

Volvo, Dennis, Optair, MAN, Iveco, Daf, Mercedes, MCW, Scania and Leyland.

R&B Engineering also supply fully reconditioned or repaired rear axles these include Volvo, ZF and Leyland to name a few.

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